Sunday, 12 April 2009

Uneventful... but plenty of time to practice with the camera

I never did get my walk today :-( I shall make up for it tomorrow.
My 11 year old... very cheeky nephew called me up this morning and this is what he sang to me "Happy birthday to you... you live in a zoo... you look like a monkey, and you act like one too"!... Needless to say, I feel this was a direct hint that I am now at the age when I need to start waxing my chin!...

I started off with the head count... camera in hand. Nothing new! Having started the cleaning and windows yesterday I decided to get the jobs finished... One thing always leads to another and I ended up sweeping the drive and putting my back out in the process! How convenient... I spent most of the remainder of the day in and out of the garden with the camera! Still nothing new though! Well, at least I've been practicing!

My list for today: Squirrel 1, Woodpigeon 4, Robin 1, Starling 12 (and eating the mealworms, which I cannot afford to feed to them!), Magpie 4, C Crow 2, Blackbird 5, LT Tit 3, Gt Tit 2, Blue Tit 2, Dunnock 2, Greenfinch 1, Swallow 2, Wren (heard), Chiffchaff (heard), Goldfinch 2, Blackcap 1M, C Dove 2, H Gull 4, Jackdaw 4.

I have been trying all day to get a shot of the Robin with a mealworm and this is the best of a bad lot! I was hoping the Wren would come for some too, but no luck there.

My first flutterby landed on the Comfrey just long enough to get a shot!


Dunnock AGAIN!!!

C Tit AGAIN!!!

Can't wait to get out tomorrow and photograph something different!