Thursday, 13 May 2010

An unexpected highlight to brighten my day!
I just had to get out this evening. I am so busy at work and with other "stuff" too; I just needed to get away from it all. I intended to do a bit of a tour of the area; Par, Menabilly, Porthpean and maybe even Pontsmill but at the first stop, which was Par I realised it was hopeless. It was just too cold and my condition is pretty severe at present. I can only describe it as like having a ball and chain. The will is there, but it always holds me back.
Enough grumbling!
I gave up at Par quite quickly and said I needed to go home, but Trevor suggested Menabilly and I could just stay in the car, which I didn't of course! On the road to Menabilly we spotted two blobs in a field. We pulled into a gateway and I jumped out to get some shots. (Unbeknown to Trevor) I had wedged his car door against the hedge and stood on the sill, leaning against the door to get some height, as I was not tall enough to focus on the birds above the grass! Anyway, they are over-exposed and I couldn't hold myself steady, let alone the camera, but at least I got some shots!