Thursday, 14 January 2010

A heart warming story

This made me think about the Robin at Par the other day.
When I got to work this morning my friend Fran came to me and told me that she went outside her house (in Lockengate) at about 10 o'clock last night and as she was watching the ground for ice under foot she noticed a bird face down with its wings spread out. She picked it up and thought it must be dead. She held it for a moment and sensed a little life. She took it indoors to Clive (hubby!) and as she held it she noticed it started to warm up and show signs of life. It was a Great Tit. One of those she feeds every day in the garden most probably. Clive was busy looking for a box to put some warm bedding and food in for the night. Soon it was opening it's mouth and eyes and as she opened her hands to check for life in the wings the Great Tit flew behind the TV! That is where it spent the night. This morning she got up to a lively bird and released it back into the garden. It flew out and Fran followed quickly behind it to stock up the feeders in the garden with more food than usual! Next time I see a bird on the ground like that Robin I shall have pick it up and try :-)