Monday, 31 August 2009

Having worked (a lot) over the weekend I decided (after an hour at work this morning) we were going out and Trevor planned the day. From home and back we did about 130 miles. A waste I always think. All that time in the car – mind you, if I see something I instigate a halt, regardless of who or what is behind us! I must say though that Trevor is experienced enough now to ensure he stops safely, despite my prodding! Needless to say, today alone we have been cussed several times by passing drivers, but fortunately Trevor never hears it and carries on regardless! “******* tourists” is the favourite! My take on this… How can you tell who is a tourist? AND… If you can’t take time out of your busy BANK HOLIDAY day to enjoy birds and wildlife or at least be patient with others who do, then you are the one who is losing out as far as I am concerned.

We didn’t leave the County of course!

My favourite bird shot of the day... More to come (when I have trawled through them!)

My day list, including the head count in the garden this morning and a couple of LT Tits at work:-

1. Fulmar
2. Little Grebe
3. Shag
4. Cormorant
5. Little Egret
6. Grey Heron
7. Mute Swan
8. Mallard
9. Buzzard
10. Kestrel
11. Pheasant
12. Moorhen
13. Coot
14. Oystercatcher
15. Dunlin
16. Redshank
17. Greenshank
18. Curlew
19. Whimbrel
20. Black Headed Gull
21. Herring Gull
22. Lesser Black Backed Gull
23. Great Black Backed Gull
24. Sandwich Tern
25. Woodpigeon
26. Collared Dove
27. Great Spotted Woodpecker
28. Skylark (questionable, but I believe!)
29. House Martin
30. Swallow
31. Rock Pipit
32. Pied Wagtail
33. Wren
34. Dunnock
35. Robin
36. Blackbird
37. Blackcap
38. Chiffchaff (heard)
39. Treecreeper
40. Great Tit
41. Blue Tit
42. Coal Tit
43. Long Tailed Tit
44. Magpie
45. Jay
46. Jackdaw
47. Rook
48. Raven
49. Carrion Crow
50. Starling
51. House Sparrow
52. Chaffinch
53. Goldfinch
54. Greenfinch