Friday, 10 July 2009

I was hoping to see the male Bullfinch in the garden this morning as both Mum & Trevor saw it yesterday, but I was not in luck. It was a miserable evening at Par, but the birds still managed to sing, even though they are starting to moult, which must be very uncomfortable and the weather was awful! My toothache got the better of me after about an hour and a half and I came home – I think the Abbot is secretly pleased though as I cannot open my jaw very far! Anyway, back to birds and we have a new family at Par so this post is dedicated to them…


My day list:

1. Cormorant
2. Little Egret
3. Grey Heron
4. Mute Swan
5. Canada Goose
6. Mallard
7. Moorhen
8. Coot
9. Black Headed Gull
10. Herring Gull
11. Lesser Black Backed Gull
12. Great Black Backed Gull
13. Woodpigeon
14. F Pigeon
15. Collared Dove
16. Swift
17. Swallow
18. Pied Wagtail
19. Wren
20. Dunnock
21. Robin
22. Stonechat
23. Song Thrush
24. Blackbird
25. Whitethroat
26. Chiffchaff
27. Reed Warbler (heard)
28. Great Tit
29. Blue Tit
30. Coal Tit
31. Magpie
32. Jackdaw
33. Carrion Crow
34. Starling
35. House Sparrow
36. Chaffinch
37. Goldfinch
38. Greenfinch