Saturday, 11 December 2010

I feel I should pass this on...

I spend a lot of money on bird food. I have a monthly order that is delivered by my local pet shop. Part of the feeding regime is pellets - over £4o worth a month! All our birds love them, but especially the Robins and Blackbirds... Oh and the Starlings, who quite frankly eat too many; are too bossy and wind me up a little, but I love them all the same. Consequently, I have had to increase my order to over £50 per month and this includes Berry, Insect, Peanut & fruit varieties, which I mix together so they have variety! Luckily, as I buy them this way the pet shop let me have them at a very good price (by the way, that's Fields Pet Shop in St Austell and they deliver free of charge). They do 4 different varieties and the birds have different preferences throughout the year as to which flavour they like to indulge in. It's all very complicated and requires fine tuning at times with the food order! However, getting to the point, I ran out this month (hence the increase in order size yet again!) so (from the local garden centre) I bought a 3kg tub of Gardman Bery Suet Treats to get us by at £12.99 (stated as a "VALUE PACK") - (£12.9 flippin 9 for 3 flippin kg's!!!!!!!!!). They state on the tub that "they attract Song Thrushes, Blackbirds, Blue Tits, Great Tits and other species". Well, they may attract them, but that's where it ends! The birds will not eat them. Even the Starlings turn their beaks up at them. Now, it can't be a seasonal preference thing, as they are "berry flavour" and the Blackbirds and Robins (not to mention the pesky, but lovely Starlings) love the berry treats at this time of year, but not these VERY EXPENSIVE BERRY TREATS!
Just for the record, the ones they absolutely love are from "PREMIUM WILD BIRD FOOD" and are called "Suet to Go - High Energy Suet Pellets"... Happy Feeding :-)