Monday, 13 April 2009

A rainy day...!

Yes, it was an awful day weather wise, but birds deserve respect and to be observed and admired whatever the weather. In fact, even more so on a day like today. We (humans) take so much for granted. Next time you are stuck in the warm car, in a traffic jam, tired from a hard day at work, having got wet running to your car and desperate to get back to your nice warm house and a cooked meal, just look around you... find a bird (because there will always be one within sight) and just consider the journey they have in life... and in fact some of them do have incredible journeys...

Some pics I have taken today:-

Dunnock at Stithians

Wren at Stithians

Chaffinch at Stithians

Willow Warbler at Stithians

Mute Swan at Stithians