Monday, 13 April 2009

A rainy day...!

Yes, it was an awful day weather wise, but birds deserve respect and to be observed and admired whatever the weather. In fact, even more so on a day like today. We (humans) take so much for granted. Next time you are stuck in the warm car, in a traffic jam, tired from a hard day at work, having got wet running to your car and desperate to get back to your nice warm house and a cooked meal, just look around you... find a bird (because there will always be one within sight) and just consider the journey they have in life... and in fact some of them do have incredible journeys...

Some pics I have taken today:-

Dunnock at Stithians

Wren at Stithians

Chaffinch at Stithians

Willow Warbler at Stithians

Mute Swan at Stithians


  1. Thanks Duncan. I forgot to crop that one!!!

  2. Nice shots!!
    chaffinch and wren pics are great!!

  3. Good to see your photos on the Stithians blog today, your photo of the Mute Swan sums up todays weather really well

  4. dont think it needs much cropping, i like the way the foreground is out of focus, it gives it brilliant depth of field.

  5. Thanks Ashley... Even in the rain it is idyllic!
    Thanks Keith... It was an awful day for the birds, that is for sure and I have a long way to go before I understand the technicalities of using a camera enough to do them justice! The camera settings are down to the helpful people I have met on my JOURNEY!

  6. Thanks Duncan. I'll remember that !

  7. The Chaffinch and Swan would have looked good on the stiths blog...

  8. Whoops! It was a rush. I took over 300 shots today and narrowed them down to around 80!