Monday, 31 August 2009

Having worked (a lot) over the weekend I decided (after an hour at work this morning) we were going out and Trevor planned the day. From home and back we did about 130 miles. A waste I always think. All that time in the car – mind you, if I see something I instigate a halt, regardless of who or what is behind us! I must say though that Trevor is experienced enough now to ensure he stops safely, despite my prodding! Needless to say, today alone we have been cussed several times by passing drivers, but fortunately Trevor never hears it and carries on regardless! “******* tourists” is the favourite! My take on this… How can you tell who is a tourist? AND… If you can’t take time out of your busy BANK HOLIDAY day to enjoy birds and wildlife or at least be patient with others who do, then you are the one who is losing out as far as I am concerned.

We didn’t leave the County of course!

My favourite bird shot of the day... More to come (when I have trawled through them!)

My day list, including the head count in the garden this morning and a couple of LT Tits at work:-

1. Fulmar
2. Little Grebe
3. Shag
4. Cormorant
5. Little Egret
6. Grey Heron
7. Mute Swan
8. Mallard
9. Buzzard
10. Kestrel
11. Pheasant
12. Moorhen
13. Coot
14. Oystercatcher
15. Dunlin
16. Redshank
17. Greenshank
18. Curlew
19. Whimbrel
20. Black Headed Gull
21. Herring Gull
22. Lesser Black Backed Gull
23. Great Black Backed Gull
24. Sandwich Tern
25. Woodpigeon
26. Collared Dove
27. Great Spotted Woodpecker
28. Skylark (questionable, but I believe!)
29. House Martin
30. Swallow
31. Rock Pipit
32. Pied Wagtail
33. Wren
34. Dunnock
35. Robin
36. Blackbird
37. Blackcap
38. Chiffchaff (heard)
39. Treecreeper
40. Great Tit
41. Blue Tit
42. Coal Tit
43. Long Tailed Tit
44. Magpie
45. Jay
46. Jackdaw
47. Rook
48. Raven
49. Carrion Crow
50. Starling
51. House Sparrow
52. Chaffinch
53. Goldfinch
54. Greenfinch

Sunday, 30 August 2009

A good day list considering the time I’ve had…

Having worked all weekend (as we are moving offices from one side of town to the other and I had to cancel a day out today to accommodate it) I really had to get out this evening. Finished work at 3pm and visited my friend, Molly where I saw a Jay in the garden. This gave me hope, having also seen a Goldcrest and Long Tailed Tits this morning (when I went to get a coffee from McDonalds on the way to work – as we had not unpacked the coffee machine yesterday!). We had a scout around at Par, Manoa Valley and Pentewan this evening. I’ve not been to Pentewan for a while so it made a nice change and I didn’t bother too much with the camera – just relaxed and enjoyed watching.



My day list, including the garden morning head count (as always):-
1. Fulmar
2. Gannet
3. Cormorant
4. Shag – 4 at Pentewan and not too far from the shore so I had a fabulous view.
5. Grey Heron
6. Mute Swan
7. Mallard
8. Kestrel
9. Moorhen
10. Coot
11. Oystercatcher
12. Ringed Plover
13. Dunlin
14. Black Headed Gull
15. Mediterranean Gull (if I ID’d correctly)
16. Herring Gull
17. Lesser Black Backed Gull
18. Great Black Backed Gull
19. Sandwich Tern
20. Woodpigeon
21. Collared Dove
22. House Martin
23. Swallow
24. Rock Pipit
25. Pied Wagtail
26. Wren
27. Dunnock
28. Robin
29. Blackbird
30. Sedge Warbler
31. Chiffchaff (heard – I hope!)
32. Goldcrest
33. Great Tit
34. Blue Tit
35. Coal Tit
36. Long Tailed Tit
37. Magpie
38. Jay
39. Jackdaw
40. Rook
41. Carrion Crow
42. Starling
43. House Sparrow
44. Chaffinch
45. Goldfinch
46. Greenfinch

Thursday, 27 August 2009

Weekday day list - 40!

Armed with enthusiasm and inability to sleep after 4am I rose with the intention of taking my bins out into the garden this morning. I have been continuing with my head count for weeks and weeks without them as my hands are virtually out of action before 9am, as by this time they have been through a hot shower and then my fingers are wrapped up with plasters and under a lamp which is situated above my keyboard at work; needless to say they have deteriorated quickly and I just don’t know why. Anyhow, back to birds and having seen Long Tailed Tits in the garden yesterday lunchtime I was hopeful! The Blackbirds were waiting patiently as usual as dawn broke and I opened the back door a little to let the air in. Boiling the kettle and fiddling with the cupboard where I keep the bird food I felt a presence behind me and suspected the rat family. Sheer panic set in! I don’t want to hurt them, but I don’t want them moving in either! I turned quickly to find the Juv. Robin on the step waiting for me. What a relief! I was at peace again and honoured too! I gently placed some suet pellets on the step and he/she took one and flew to the fence! That one gobbled and then it was daggers at dawn – I felt she (it had to be a she with a look like that!) was saying “come on then – lets have some more”!

My day list, including the garden morning head count, work and this evening (as always):-

1. Little Grebe (7A & 2 J)
2. Mute Swan (4A & 2J)
3. Heron (1 – maybe 2)
4. Mallard (lots in flocks as well as on the water)
5. Teal (15)
6. Buzzard (2) (1 at work and at least 1 this evening and thanks to Derek I will be able to ID Juvs. from Adults now!)
7. Kestrel (1)
8. Sparrowhawk (1)
9. Moorhen (lots)
10. Coot (3)
11. Snipe (2)
12. Green Sandpiper (2)
13. Herring Gull (12)
14. Lesser Black Backed Gull (19)
15. Woodpigeon (7)
16. Feral Pigeon (13)
17. Stock Dove (4 – thanks Derek)
18. Collared Dove (3)
19. Sand Martin (7)
20. House Martin (2)
21. Swallow (200!)
22. Yellow Wagtail (heard only)
23. Wren (heard only)
24. Dunnock (3)
25. Robin (2)
26. Blackbird (4)
27. Sedge Warbler (DJ)
28. Chiffchaff (heard)
29. Great Tit (2)
30. Blue Tit (4)
31. Coal Tit (2 in the garden – FAB!)
32. Magpie (3)
33. Jackdaw (4)
34. Carrion Crow (5)
35. Jay (1)
36. Starling (24 in and around the garden)
37. House Sparrow (5)
38. Chaffinch (2)
39. Greenfinch (2)
40. Reed Bunting (heard only)

Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Day list - 22

One from Walmsley yesterday... Mum was diving for food constantly whilst this little one watched, waited and chuntered for food every time she popped up!

Popped home at lunchtime to feed the birds and cuddle the dog! First sighting of Long Tailed Tits in the garden for weeks and I was thrilled. I grabbed the camera and captured a few shots! There seemed to be an influx within that short space of time. I counted 8 Blue Tits, along with the very dashing looking Coal Tit, Greenfinch, Great Tits, Starlings, H Sparrows, Wren (heard), Blackbirds, Adult and Juv Robin (the Juv. of which seems to like asking for his/her food on the doorstep these days!) and I heard a Jay squawking like a parrot and then a glimpse as it flew towards the Oak Tree down stream!



Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Trevose Head, Sunday

Juvenile Wheatear (I hope) !



Two more life ticks… and another good day list

We bumped into Stan, Pete and Bob this evening. It was a relaxing evening, which I was in need of after the last two days of playing catch up at work with my “own work”, having had two members of staff on holiday and doing the work of three at times for the last two weeks, and I still haven't caught up! That’s what happens when you don’t have children. Dogs, mothers, hobbies and voluntary work don’t count! I can’t complain though. I think I must work for the best firm this side of the Tamar and NO I don’t tell them that and they don’t read my blog as far as I know as they don’t know about it, so I’m not guilty of “sucking up” – I really mean it !!!

My day list, including the garden morning head count, work and this evening (as always):-

1. Little Grebe
2. Mute Swan
3. Canada Goose
4. Mallard
5. Teal
6. Buzzard
7. Water Rail
8. Moorhen
9. Coot
10. Black Tailed Godwit (71 no less, but one was in bad shape and I would rather have just seen one good one to be honest)
11. Snipe
12. Dunlin (125)
13. Common Sandpiper
14. Wood Sandpiper
15. Greenshank
16. Redshank
17. Spotted Redshank
18. Herring Gull
19. Great Black Backed Gull
20. Woodpigeon
21. Collared Dove
22. Sand Martin
23. Swallow
24. Yellow Wagtail (heard by Bob and myself, but I would not have ID'd it successfully I don't suppose)
25. Wren
26. Dunnock
27. Robin
28. Blackbird
29. Sedge Warbler
30. Chiffchaff (heard – I hope!)
31. Great Tit
32. Blue Tit
33. Coal Tit
34. Magpie
35. Jackdaw
36. Carrion Crow
37. Jay (3)
38. Starling
39. House Sparrow
40. Chaffinch
41. Goldfinch
42. Greenfinch

Trevose Head - Sunday - Heaven...

Feeling out of sorts... A busy couple of weeks at work and my Reynauds ruling my life (if that is what it is that is taking over my hands and testing my pain threshold to the limit at the moment; giving me sleepless nights and dreading the mornings - One infection after the other in the ends of my fingers) I made my way to the edge of the cliff, having said to Trevor "wait in the car if you want to" as I know he's not running on all cylinders at the moment either, but he followed devotedly as always. I sat as close to the edge as I could and Trevor fiddled with the scope, having pointed out a Rock Pipit to me that I had seen earlier, but was not in full view now and I was too happy sitting to get up and aim the camera. I was just getting settled and thinking to myself, "well, having tried the meditation on Friday and Saturday that a friend told me about and failing at that miserably - this is the next best thing". All I could see were Gannets... They were everywhere, but could I get a shot - No! More stress. I put the camera down... bins beside the camera... RELAXATION! Who needs meditation............................
It was then I realised my bottom was WET! That is when I thought...

Who cares!!! I got some shots of Gannets, but they were not good!


Monday, 24 August 2009

I'm on a roll....

Sorry, but having spent the evening getting up to date with the membership packs, Walmsley keys and legal work I brought home, I decided to sort through my pictures from Sunday and remember what I really love doing; hence all these posts in one day and then there will be none for days, as I shall be out WATCHING with a clear conscience!!!

My butterflies from Sunday on the Camel Trail and Trevose Head...

I think this is a Small White, but I do struggle still...

Oh, I nearly forgot this one...

I love Little Grebes, but I have yet to get close enough to get a clear image. I have seen some great shots of these taken by Cornish birders (Matt Sallis being one of them and you can view his website by clicking on the link in my favourites on the left to see some of his delights), they really are a beautiful little bird...

More from Walmsley on Sunday...


The Sparrowhawk was quite some way away, but being egged on by Derek to get a shot anyway, I just had to put it up...

I've been closer to Sedges, and got better shots (at Stithians), but they are one of my favourites...



Swans at Walmsley on Sunday...




Next time you go to Tesco, Sainsburys or even the local farm shop to get a meal, just thank your lucky stars at how easy it is...!




You get all sorts taking a rest on a bench at Par....


Sunday, 23 August 2009

Two life ticks… and I’m celebrating my highest day list ever (even without the “heard”) :- )

We met up with Derek today and headed off to Walmsley (where we also met Pat and Les). It was a good start to the day and Walmsley is a favorite of mine. It is one of the most relaxing places to watch birds and enjoy a chat without spooking the birds in the process! We went for a short walk with Derek afterwards and then off on our own this afternoon, when I was lucky enough to get some shots of Kestrel & Wheatear and we met a very nice French family who were enjoying the English weather (which I can confirm was extremely windy at Trevose Head this afternoon and apart from the French visitors, us and a couple of young lovers, was desolate!).

With THANKS to Derek’s experienced ID’ing skills, we had two life ticks this morning.

1. Little Grebe
2. Fulmar
3. Cormorant
4. Shag
5. Gannet
6. Little Egret
7. Grey Heron
8. Mute Swan
9. Canada Goose
10. Mallard
11. Teal
12. Buzzard
13. Sparrowhawk
14. Kestrel
15. Red Legged Partridge (heard and ID’d by Derek)
16. Moorhen
17. Coot
18. Ringed Plover
19. Oystercatcher
20. Black Tailed Godwit
21. Bar Tailed Godwit
22. Sanderling
23. Dunlin
24. Knot
25. Green Sandpiper (life tick for Trevor & Myself)
26. Common Sandpiper
27. Curlew Sandpiper (life tick for Trevor & Myself)
28. Greenshank
29. Curlew
30. Whimbrel
31. Snipe
32. Black Headed Gull
33. Mediterranean Gull
34. Herring Gull
35. Lesser Black Backed Gull
36. Great Black Backed Gull
37. Sandwich Tern
38. Woodpigeon
39. Collared Dove
40. Stock Dove (I don’t think I will ever get the hang of ID’ing these in flight)
41. Sand Martin (or these!)
42. Swallow
43. House Martin
44. Rock Pipit
45. Pied Wagtail
46. Yellow Wagtail (heard and ID’d by Derek)
47. Wren (heard)
48. Dunnock
49. Robin
50. Wheatear (I was lucky on this one)
51. Blackbird
52. Sedge Warbler
53. Chiffchaff (heard and ID’d by Derek)
54. Great Tit
55. Blue Tit
56. Coal Tit
57. Magpie
58. Jackdaw
59. Rook
60. Carrion Crow
61. Starling
62. House Sparrow
63. Chaffinch
64. Goldfinch
65. Greenfinch

Bullfinch (heard by Derek only so I have not counted it in my day list)

Thursday, 20 August 2009

Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Monday, 17 August 2009

Seals on Sunday at Porthgwarra...

Saturday, 15 August 2009

Images from Par...

AMENDMENT: Having looked at the field guide this morning I have ascertained that the Goose is a Bar Headed Goose - escapee! This is also the view of a couple of people I consider to be expert bird watchers!
Having spent a little time in the garden today (in between cleaning bursts!) we decided to get out to Par for a hour... I'll be glad when the Abbot gets his camera back. He seems lost without it. I offered mine again, but it was politely refused. Deafness is like solitary confinement and the camera for Trevor seems to have been a release from that, inducing communication with the outside world through the pictures he puts up on his blogs.



An unusual visitor at Par Pool - Hybrid/Domestic Goose I think... Seems to like hanging out with the Canada Geese and they don't seem to mind. When it called out I was amazed.... It was a lovely sound (again, something that the Abbot missed completely); and such a pretty bird...