Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Two more life ticks… and another good day list

We bumped into Stan, Pete and Bob this evening. It was a relaxing evening, which I was in need of after the last two days of playing catch up at work with my “own work”, having had two members of staff on holiday and doing the work of three at times for the last two weeks, and I still haven't caught up! That’s what happens when you don’t have children. Dogs, mothers, hobbies and voluntary work don’t count! I can’t complain though. I think I must work for the best firm this side of the Tamar and NO I don’t tell them that and they don’t read my blog as far as I know as they don’t know about it, so I’m not guilty of “sucking up” – I really mean it !!!

My day list, including the garden morning head count, work and this evening (as always):-

1. Little Grebe
2. Mute Swan
3. Canada Goose
4. Mallard
5. Teal
6. Buzzard
7. Water Rail
8. Moorhen
9. Coot
10. Black Tailed Godwit (71 no less, but one was in bad shape and I would rather have just seen one good one to be honest)
11. Snipe
12. Dunlin (125)
13. Common Sandpiper
14. Wood Sandpiper
15. Greenshank
16. Redshank
17. Spotted Redshank
18. Herring Gull
19. Great Black Backed Gull
20. Woodpigeon
21. Collared Dove
22. Sand Martin
23. Swallow
24. Yellow Wagtail (heard by Bob and myself, but I would not have ID'd it successfully I don't suppose)
25. Wren
26. Dunnock
27. Robin
28. Blackbird
29. Sedge Warbler
30. Chiffchaff (heard – I hope!)
31. Great Tit
32. Blue Tit
33. Coal Tit
34. Magpie
35. Jackdaw
36. Carrion Crow
37. Jay (3)
38. Starling
39. House Sparrow
40. Chaffinch
41. Goldfinch
42. Greenfinch


  1. Hi Angie,
    Well it is a good numer that you have seen. Here you barely see more than 30 species when you go out, especially around Reykjavík area. The species are so scattered all around the country!!

  2. Thanks Chris. I am always thankful and I am sure I must miss some! I keep a day list every day, no matter how I feel! We are lucky here then to have such a good number within a short distance.