Thursday, 27 August 2009

Weekday day list - 40!

Armed with enthusiasm and inability to sleep after 4am I rose with the intention of taking my bins out into the garden this morning. I have been continuing with my head count for weeks and weeks without them as my hands are virtually out of action before 9am, as by this time they have been through a hot shower and then my fingers are wrapped up with plasters and under a lamp which is situated above my keyboard at work; needless to say they have deteriorated quickly and I just don’t know why. Anyhow, back to birds and having seen Long Tailed Tits in the garden yesterday lunchtime I was hopeful! The Blackbirds were waiting patiently as usual as dawn broke and I opened the back door a little to let the air in. Boiling the kettle and fiddling with the cupboard where I keep the bird food I felt a presence behind me and suspected the rat family. Sheer panic set in! I don’t want to hurt them, but I don’t want them moving in either! I turned quickly to find the Juv. Robin on the step waiting for me. What a relief! I was at peace again and honoured too! I gently placed some suet pellets on the step and he/she took one and flew to the fence! That one gobbled and then it was daggers at dawn – I felt she (it had to be a she with a look like that!) was saying “come on then – lets have some more”!

My day list, including the garden morning head count, work and this evening (as always):-

1. Little Grebe (7A & 2 J)
2. Mute Swan (4A & 2J)
3. Heron (1 – maybe 2)
4. Mallard (lots in flocks as well as on the water)
5. Teal (15)
6. Buzzard (2) (1 at work and at least 1 this evening and thanks to Derek I will be able to ID Juvs. from Adults now!)
7. Kestrel (1)
8. Sparrowhawk (1)
9. Moorhen (lots)
10. Coot (3)
11. Snipe (2)
12. Green Sandpiper (2)
13. Herring Gull (12)
14. Lesser Black Backed Gull (19)
15. Woodpigeon (7)
16. Feral Pigeon (13)
17. Stock Dove (4 – thanks Derek)
18. Collared Dove (3)
19. Sand Martin (7)
20. House Martin (2)
21. Swallow (200!)
22. Yellow Wagtail (heard only)
23. Wren (heard only)
24. Dunnock (3)
25. Robin (2)
26. Blackbird (4)
27. Sedge Warbler (DJ)
28. Chiffchaff (heard)
29. Great Tit (2)
30. Blue Tit (4)
31. Coal Tit (2 in the garden – FAB!)
32. Magpie (3)
33. Jackdaw (4)
34. Carrion Crow (5)
35. Jay (1)
36. Starling (24 in and around the garden)
37. House Sparrow (5)
38. Chaffinch (2)
39. Greenfinch (2)
40. Reed Bunting (heard only)

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