Sunday, 30 August 2009

A good day list considering the time I’ve had…

Having worked all weekend (as we are moving offices from one side of town to the other and I had to cancel a day out today to accommodate it) I really had to get out this evening. Finished work at 3pm and visited my friend, Molly where I saw a Jay in the garden. This gave me hope, having also seen a Goldcrest and Long Tailed Tits this morning (when I went to get a coffee from McDonalds on the way to work – as we had not unpacked the coffee machine yesterday!). We had a scout around at Par, Manoa Valley and Pentewan this evening. I’ve not been to Pentewan for a while so it made a nice change and I didn’t bother too much with the camera – just relaxed and enjoyed watching.



My day list, including the garden morning head count (as always):-
1. Fulmar
2. Gannet
3. Cormorant
4. Shag – 4 at Pentewan and not too far from the shore so I had a fabulous view.
5. Grey Heron
6. Mute Swan
7. Mallard
8. Kestrel
9. Moorhen
10. Coot
11. Oystercatcher
12. Ringed Plover
13. Dunlin
14. Black Headed Gull
15. Mediterranean Gull (if I ID’d correctly)
16. Herring Gull
17. Lesser Black Backed Gull
18. Great Black Backed Gull
19. Sandwich Tern
20. Woodpigeon
21. Collared Dove
22. House Martin
23. Swallow
24. Rock Pipit
25. Pied Wagtail
26. Wren
27. Dunnock
28. Robin
29. Blackbird
30. Sedge Warbler
31. Chiffchaff (heard – I hope!)
32. Goldcrest
33. Great Tit
34. Blue Tit
35. Coal Tit
36. Long Tailed Tit
37. Magpie
38. Jay
39. Jackdaw
40. Rook
41. Carrion Crow
42. Starling
43. House Sparrow
44. Chaffinch
45. Goldfinch
46. Greenfinch


  1. Looks like you had agood day birding,pics look great.
    I spent some time at Stiths,poor light low bird count.
    But enjoyable.

  2. Thank you John. I seem to get better pics when I'm tired and put less effort in - not sure how that works :-)

  3. Angie,

    That is a great day's birding and some list, it is about time I got out one weekend and caught up with birding on the coast.

    Well done.


  4. Hi John. Thanks. Yes you should. I'd be out all day every day if I could :-) Best wishes.

  5. Hi Angie,
    Gosh I would like to have a day list like that, for me it is almost a half-year list! Great pictures, I love the oystercatcher

  6. Hello Chris. Thank you. I do feel very fortunate. I watch all the time. I see every Buzzard on every post! Trevor is deaf so when we go out alone I tend to concentrate well as we don't chat. I saw a glimpse of a Treecreeper today as he slowed down to take a bend!