Saturday, 6 June 2009

Friday 5th June 2009

The birds had gone to bed before my camera came out...

My day list:-

1. Grey Heron
2. Canada Goose 350+ (no its not a typographical error!)
3. Mallard
4. H Gull
5. Woodpigeon
6. Collared Dove
7. Swift
8. Swallow
9. Pied Wagtail
10. Dunnock
11. Robin
12. Blackbird
13. Chiffchaff
14. Great Tit
15. Blue Tit
16. Coal Tit
17. Magpie
18. Jackdaw
19. C Crow
20. Starling
21. House Sparrow
22. Chaffinch
23. Goldfinch


  1. Nice Pics Angie, do I read you saw lots of Canada Geese

  2. Thank you. Never seen so many CG in one place. I lost count and estimated 350+ and it was noisy!

  3. Love the scenery shots.

  4. Thanks John. It was late, and there was a lack of birds to photograph. The sunset was something else last night. Pretty sure I heard Grasshooper Warbler so I'll be out hunting during the week!

  5. Or even Grasshopper Warbler!!!