Sunday, 7 June 2009

My day…

I forced myself to go out today :- ) I’ve been lazy though, and I am sure I could have seen more, but I had a late night last night and too much wine with the visitors!

Went on our usual drive around, not staying anywhere too long; Walmsley, Pentire, Camel Trail (only a quick look in a wooded area by the river where I caught a glimpse of a Dipper), a wet and dismal Colliford (where I was lucky enough to see a Lapwing) and surrounding area!

This little one seemed unsteady...

A Hornet I think... I heard something scratching and this was what it turned out to be. They scrape wood and mulch it with saliva to build their nests...

My day list:-

1. Little Grebe
2. Cormorant
3. Grey Heron
4. Mute Swan
5. Canada Goose
6. Mallard
7. Teal
8. Buzzard
9. Pheasant
10. Moorhen
11. Coot
12. Lapwing
13. Black Tailed Godwit
14. Black Headed Gull
15. Herring Gull
16. Woodpigeon
17. Collared Dove
18. Swift
19. House Martin
20. Swallow
21. Skylark
22. Pied Wagtail
23. Wren
24. Dipper
25. Dunnock
26. Robin
27. Song Thrush
28. Blackbird
29. Sedge Warbler
30. Willow Warbler (singing perfectly!)
31. Chiffchaff (heard)
32. Grasshopper Warbler (heard only, but I am sure!)
33. Great Tit
34. Blue Tit
35. Coal Tit
36. Magpie
37. Jackdaw
38. Rook
39. Carrion Crow
40. Starling
41. House Sparrow
42. Chaffinch
43. Goldfinch
44. Greenfinch
45. Reed Bunting