Wednesday, 3 June 2009

A photo shoot with a Grey Wagtail…

Today I did all the usual stuff… Plus, I fed and watered the Gulls at work again, much to the disgust of a few, but my boss is really enjoying watching the Juveniles, so if he‘s happy - I can relax! He even called me into his office this morning to point out what he described as a stand off, like in the westerns, between 4 F Pigeons, 3 chicks and a very protective parent - Who would draw first? !!! Someone mentioned removing eggs today so I have e-mailed a fact sheet - That’s put a stop to that! Mind you, a Counter Defence was filed; Someone objected, pointing out the fact that one should not feed them. I pointed out that I work for a Senior Partner and he likes em… Overruled!!!

I nearly didn’t go out this evening. This time last year Maddie was still with me, but she was sick and instinct told me I was going to lose her. That’s what made me think about Luxulyan. She loved it there, and I’ve not been there with Hesper yet, so that is where I went tonight. I shall now take Hesper… on Saturday.

Pleased with the outcome… There are Grey Wagtails and I believe I saw more than one breeding pair. I also saw Nuthatch and I’ve only ever seen one so I was pleased to see a family in the canopy; dilemma was… do I aim the camera to get a shot in very poor circumstances or the bins to confirm ID. I managed both (I hope). If anyone thinks it is not Nuthatch from my very bad shot, please tell me :- )

I also heard a Peacock on the start of the walk, but could not locate it. Found it at the end of the walk though :- )

I think the Grey Waggy has a Wasp for a meal.... Yum :-( !!!


I believe this is a Green Carpet Moth...




My day list:-
1. Buzzard (Tywardreath Highway of all places)
2. Herring Gull
3. Woodpigeon
4. Feral Pigeon
5. Collared Dove
6. Swift
7. Swallow
8. Grey Wagtail
9. Wren
10. Dunnock
11. Robin
12. Song Thrush
13. Blackbird
14. Chiffchaff
15. Great Tit
16. Blue Tit
17. Coal Tit
18. Nuthatch
19. Magpie
20. Jackdaw
21. Carrion Crow
22. Starling
23. House Sparrow
24. Chaffinch
25. Goldfinch
26. Greenfinch
27. Peacock!


  1. Angie good ID with carpet Moth,lovely Grey Wag.
    Good capture, well done you.

  2. Thanks John. The Moth was well camo'd!