Monday, 22 June 2009


I find it difficult to write up the posts when I am running behind, especially after being at work when the weekend is a distant memory, and I have work to do at home also! I have to look through my shots to remind myself :- )

A couple of hours spent at Walmsley on Sunday (when we met up with Ashley & Kay) did produce some excitement… a Grey Heron tussling with a meal. We never did decide what the meal was (maybe eel… maybe slow worm). We watched it for what seemed like about 10 minutes. It was obviously fighting back. The Heron was bothered by it, to say the least. It swallowed it and it wriggled back out. It swallowed it again, with water… it wriggled back out. This went on… and on! The Heron did not give up though and eventually… submission, and not by the Heron!

As I had decided to go for some shots of the previous day’s Spotted Flycatcher, Ashley & Kay decided to follow. We saw the SF, but again my shots were not good. We called at Colliford on the way back. The Black Duck avoided us again, but we did see a Cuckoo sitting with a very vocal Swallow on an electric line! We all called at Par for a short walk before heading home.
My neck on the line Ashley… It’s a Kestrel… I’m convinced!






My day list for Sunday:-
1. Little Grebe
2. Cormorant
3. Grey Heron
4. Mute Swan
5. Canada Goose
6. Mallard
7. Buzzard
8. Kestrel
9. Moorhen
10. Coot
11. Lapwing
12. Black Headed Gull
13. Herring Gull
14. Greater Black Backed Gull
15. Woodpigeon
16. Collared Dove
17. Cuckoo
18. Skylark
19. Swift
20. Swallow
21. House Martin
22. Pied Wagtail
23. Wren
24. Dunnock
25. Robin
26. Song thrush (heard)
27. Blackbird
28. Sedge Warbler
29. Willow Warbler (heard)
30. Chiffchaff (heard)
31. Reed Warbler
32. Spotted Flycatcher
33. Great Tit
34. Blue Tit
35. Coal Tit
36. Magpie
37. Jackdaw
38. Carrion Crow
39. Starling
40. House Sparrow
41. Chaffinch
42. Greenfinch
43. Goldfinch
44. Linnet


  1. Put it on bird forum and that'll sort it out.

  2. Nice post - sounds like you had another good day. Steve

  3. I have only been to Walmsley once and thought it was Brilliant. I like your pic of the sedge.

  4. Thank you. Yes, it was a good weekend. Walmsley is lovely, and so peaceful.

  5. Ashley... do you have a shot of the bird, to put on Birdforum? :-)

  6. Ashley... it is looking very much like Sparrowhawk - Looks like I stand corrected and very concerned for my previous Kestrels!!! :-)