Saturday, 4 July 2009

I’ve not been out today. Well, apart from a thrilling trip to the pet shop (for dog food and Meal Worms) and Tesco, where I added a Pied Wagtail to my day list! Going out tomorrow, but the weather forecast is not good so I suspect my camera shots will be in the same category (no change there then!!!).

Some more shots from yesterday…

I was quite close here, on the edge of the cliff and the Fulmar was calling (to it's mate I suppose). The mate was swooping down towards it and then up towards me, which made me feel a little nervous... I posted the in flight pic. earlier...

This Wagtail was preening with the sun setting light upon it's breast. I got some amusing shots (one which looked as if it had no head!)...

I really do like Gulls. This Big Guy was looking very masterful and in charge! ...


My day list for today:-

1. Herring Gull
2. Woodpigeon
3. Collared Dove
4. Swift
5. Swallow
6. Pied Wagtail
7. Wren (heard)
8. Dunnock
9. Robin
10. Song Thrush (heard)
11. Blackbird
12. Great Tit
13. Blue Tit
14. Coal Tit
15. Magpie
16. Carrion Crow
17. Starling
18. House Sparrow
19. Chaffinch
20. Goldfinch


  1. Hi,

    This is my first visit to your blog, and I think its great. I loved that gull photo, it looks so nice with the sea in the background

  2. Thank you for your kind comments Joe.