Thursday, 13 August 2009

With reference to my last post, I saw a lone Swift circling above the house when I came home from work (late) this evening - put a smile on my face :-)

Some moth images, which I have collected at home. I think they are: i) Buff Arches; ii) Magpie; iii) Brown House Moth.


  1. Your moth pics are great, and how difficult is it to photograph Swifts, their dark colour, and silhouetted against the sky makes the exposure complicated to judge. I normally do plus i.5 or sometimes plus 2 on the exposure compensation, when taking skyward flight shots, providing the subject is not illuminated underneath by the sun.

  2. Thanks guys. Same here Sam with the sky shots. I don't do technical terminology either - I have enough of that at work :-) Depending on the light conditions I just play around a bit (if I have the time). When I find what looks relatively acceptable I carry on shooting and hoping! In the garden under the canopy with no sun it is hopeless. I have to go so low the shots are too noisy and blurred!