Friday, 9 October 2009


Well, last night’s post seems to have disappeared. Fate maybe – it was a little boring. I did it late as I was busy with work! So, I shall try to re-create it, and to make it a little more interesting :-)

I was feeling in a reflective mood again yesterday. The Swallows have gone. It’s all change in the garden. It seems so long ago that the excitement of springtime was in the air. Over this last week or so the trees have probably shed half their leaves (and they all land on my garden). We sweep up a blanket three times a day usually. The birds are feeding more frantically in a bid to keep warm and healthy for the coming months. I have increased my order for food at the pet shop. We have it delivered as we would have to go every other day otherwise (and it’s cheaper if you buy in bulk). With the difficulties I’ve been having with my hands and feet and not being able to sit out in the garden in the mornings to do my head count (and still no appointment at Treliske has arrived – they lost the referral letter with no apology as "it’s to be expected sometimes because they have a lot of post" – great start eh!) I have been working on a hide for the garden. After all, my bird watching will soon be limited to one day a week and early mornings.

Things have changed at work too. Since we moved offices from an office block in the middle of town to an old house on the edge of town (which has a lot of character and I much prefer it) I have realized that I shall not be looking down on rooftops with nesting Herring Gulls next Spring. My day list has changed quite considerably. We have a small garden and we overlook houses and gardens. From my desk (even with the windows closed) I can hear Robins, Wrens, Blackbirds, Blue Tits, Long Tailed Tits, Great Tits, Sparrows, Herring Gulls and the Jackdaws perch on the telegraph wires which I can see whilst I work. It’s fabulous! I’ve even managed to educate the girls in the office and they now compete as to whether they can recognize the song of the bird – usually, “that’s a Robin isn’t it Ange”… “No, it’s a Wren isn’t it Ange”. I just have to convince the boss that we need bird feeders now :-) My day list today was 21.

So, some that I’ve put up before, but I like them. Hopefully the Thrushes will return to the garden soon...

I'd like to get a frosty Robin shot this winter...

Something to remind me of Springtime...


  1. Gorgeous images Angie the light and composition of the Robin is Magical.
    Your photography has improved dramatically recently - well done!
    Take Care, Mike

  2. Thank you Mike. Nice to see you've been out and about and taking some lovely pictures again. Hope to see you soon. Take care.

  3. Yes beautiful shots Angie, and it is also funny to see a bird watcher, changing life a bit, and adjusting herself to her new bird environment. Soon all your colleague will be taking birds pictures!!

  4. I agree it's nice to have bird life at work .. makes the day a lot more enjoyable :)Lovely thrush pic

  5. ...sweet, sweet photo of the Robin!

  6. Super images Angie. A bird hide in the garden...I just wish we had the space!
    Great to hear your work colleagues getting so enthusiastic about birds. FAB

  7. Fantastic images Angie,love your Robin shot.

  8. Wow - thank you all for your kind comments. My garden is only small too Frank, but so will the hide be. I'm only short. If Trevor wants to come in, he will have to squat! :-) Thanks again guys.

  9. I've been trying to convince my boss to put some bird feeders up at work. He still thinks I'm strange. lol
    Three cracking shots there Angie. The singing Robin's a beauty.

  10. Thank you. I'll be taking my camera to work in the winter!