Sunday, 31 January 2010

We had a day out with Derek again today at Chew Valley Lakes and the Somerset Levels. What can I say? “THANK YOU” (again) Derek. I had a fabulous day with FOUR more life ticks, one of which was the Ruddy Duck, which I was thrilled to see as I may never get the chance to see them again here, given that they are all to be destroyed. We also had Glossy Ibis, Red-Crested Pochard and Smew. We also raised my highest recorded day list of species from 67 to 74!

We saw plenty of other wildlife too, including Highland Cattle, Sheep, Alpacas, Fox, Roe Deer, Goats and Rat-Bats! (Rabbits) – I couldn’t resist that one D :-)

I took over 400 photos, so forgive me if I don’t go through them all tonight, but I’ve been up since 3.40am and I need my bed. I have put a few up, along with my day list. Thanks again Derek.

1. Little Grebe
2. Great Crested Grebe
3. Cormorant
4. Bittern
5. Grey Heron
6. Glossy Ibis x 3 (life tick)
7. Mute Swan
8. Whooper Swan
9. Bewick’s Swan
10. Greylag Goose
11. Canada Goose
12. Shelduck
13. Mallard
14. Gadwall
15. Pintail
16. Shoveler
17. Wigeon
18. Teal
19. Pochard
20. Red-Crested Pochard (life tick)
21. Tufted Duck
22. Long-Tailed Duck
23. Goldeneye
24. Smew (life tick)
25. Goosander
26. Ruddy Duck (life tick)
27. Common Buzzard
28. Sparrowhawk
29. Kestrel
30. Peregrine Falcon
31. Pheasant
32. Water Rail
33. Moorhen
34. Coot
35. Ringed Plover
36. Lapwing
37. Dunlin
38. Redshank
39. Curlew
40. Snipe
41. Black-Headed Gull
42. Common Gull (300+)
43. Herring Gull
44. Lesser Black-Backed Gull
45. Great Black-Backed Gull
46. Feral Pigeon
47. Stock Dove
48. Woodpigeon
49. Collared Dove
50. Great Spotted Woodpecker
51. Pied Wagtail
52. Wren
53. Dunnock
54. Robin
55. Stonechat
56. Songthrush
57. Redwing
58. Fieldfare
59. Blackbird
60. Cetti’s Warbler
61. Great Tit
62. Blue Tit
63. Long-Tailed Tit
64. Magpie
65. Jay
66. Jackdaw
67. Rook
68. Carrion Crow
69. Starling (lots)
70. House Sparrow
71. Chaffinch
72. Goldfinch
73. Bullfinch
74. Reed Bunting
Chew Valley Lakes


Frost on the feathers of a Mute Swan...

The Mute Swan with the frosty feathers...
A strange looking meal for a Great Black-Backed Gull...

Frosty Wigeon...



Great Crested Grebe...


The perfect end to a perfect day - The Moon over The Eden Project...



  1. Hi Angie! The list of species is spectacular and a record that sets the bar very high for next time! Images of wigeon in an icy landscape I find beautiful. It was a perfect field trip to enjoy!

  2. Beautiful pictures of you outing. My favorite is the moon. We will not see it tonight as we are in a blizzard now.

  3. Thank you Atanasio. It does set the bar high. I am aiming for 100! :-)

    Thank you Bill. Keep warm and cosy.

  4. Hi Angie,
    Wow, 74 species in a day! That's incredible and probably fantastic to see... you got a very nice day and the pictures are also really nice.... I love the kestrel picture a lot!

  5. Looks like a great trip and the Smew is a superb find. We dropped in at Chew Lake on the way back from Slim, as we are not familiar with the place and limited time we only viewed from the layby alongside the lake. It looks like a great place to bird though.

  6. Glad you had a good day Angie looking at the photos it must have been a cold start to the day, Thank you sharing your great pictures with us

  7. Thanks Chris & Mark. It was a great day.
    Thanks Sam. Hope you enjoyed Slimbridge.
    Thank you too Keith - It was cold, but lovely.

  8. Hi Angie. That's a great tally for a winter day and supported by some fabulous images.