Tuesday, 16 February 2010

14th & 15th February

We had a lovely weekend; Sunday was the Cruise on the Tamar with Bruce Taggart http://www.tamarwildlife.co.uk/ and for the day I recorded a day list of 58. I shall definitely be doing that again. I really enjoyed it. We headed up to Devon that evening as we had booked a room so as to make an early start in the morning. We did just that, as we hardly slept. Trevor got up in a bad mood, having been cold all night and I was just too excited, as usual! We got off to a dull start. It was misty and raining, but the weather improved eventually and I should like to visit a few of the places again and spend more time wandering around. I had two life ticks for the weekend and quite a few for the year list. The only problem with trying to fit in so many places in one day is that you don't get enough time to have a good look - hint hint :-)

My day list for Monday has beaten my record of 74 and I am now on 78 (provided I identified them all correctly). I dare say I could have added at least 10 more, had Derek, Sam and Ben been there! :-)

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