Sunday, 16 May 2010

Arial Mating Swifts

Whilst I was in the garden yesterday, looking up at the Swifts I saw something I've not seen before. There were two Swifts in flight together and in a split second one maneuvered itself above the other and they mated. It was all over very quickly. I was amazed, but suspected it would be common. When I mentioned it to Roger today he said that I was lucky to have seen it, so I thought I would look into it a little more. The link below is interesting, with in flight, arial mating shots:-


  1. They are amazing little birds Angie. I found one on the ground one day and realised that when it ever finds itself on the ground (by accident) it cannot take off because of the large wings and short legs. So I picked it up and launched it in the air and off it flew OK.

  2. Amazing piece of action to have witnessed first hand Angie.