Tuesday, 7 December 2010

A gloomy day at Par with Andrew Carey's lens on my camera!


  1. Hi Angie, good to see you've found the blog again, and what a great stonechat shot. Andy

  2. Thanks Andy, I quite like it too.

  3. So nice to see you posting photos again Angie, I have enjoyed them all from the Starlings to the Stonechat and everything in between :)

    Lovely to see the Brambling, I keep trying to turn one of my Chaffinches into one but no luck so far, I managed it a couple of years ago ;)

    Hope you are well!

  4. Great shot Angie,lovely to see your work once again,welcome back.

  5. That's still a nice picture, with some magic in it! Beautiful Angie!

  6. Thank you SS, JR & Chris. All the best to you all.

  7. Marvellous to know you’re still alive and kicking Angie!
    When I see your posts and photographs it is like a breath of fresh air.

    This morning I was sat listening to the broken fragments’ of ice washing back and forth on the edge of Stithians Lake when my hands experienced Angie’s Phenomenon!
    I think my heart decided that it would be easier not to pump blood to my fingertips and persuaded my brain to constrict my blood vessels.
    The resulting pain was soon cured with a flask of tea however my thoughts were with you and I hope that you are coping with the cold spell.

    Take Care

  8. Hi Mike. Thank you. I have come to terms with it & am learning to cope now I know where I stand. Life will never be the same & that's hard to accept, but it could be worse! When I stand on the doorstep at dawn in this bitter weather, having put the food out for the birds who are waiting patiently for me to arrive & knowing that I can't stay & watch them for too long as I always did before, I feel grateful that I can snuggle back up & get warm again, unlike my birds. They have a much harder life & they just get on with the job in hand - survival! That's what it's all about. Hope to see you soon. Take care.

  9. Good to see you posting the local birds again Angie. Love the composition. FAB.