Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Starling in the garden

Chaffinch in the garden

Dunnock in the garden

Little Egret on the Camel Trail

Hybrid/Escapee/? Bar Headed Goose at Par


  1. Hi Angie,
    Wow you do have nice birds in your garden. I have been trying to attract some in our garden too but I guess it is difficult to do that in Iceland. Only the bunting are visiting the garden in winter! I love the starling shot, it is beautiful. I do not know really if the bar-headed goose is an hybrid, cause you do not show the whole animal. I guess it is an escapee. I saw some of them in Paris in April and they were all escaped from a zoo!

  2. Thanks Chris. Everyone here thinks it's an escapee. Its lovely and very tame, which is probably not a good thing really. Good luck with the garden birds.

  3. Hi Angie. Just caught up with your recent posts.
    Sorry to hear that the cold weather is creeping up on you. Love the 'spotty' Starling & had a good laugh at the 'Bumble & chat' post. Stay well & hopefully warm. FAB.

  4. Nice garden shots sweetheart. I agree about the Goose...but he/she is a splendid example.

  5. Great photo of the Bar Headed Goose

  6. Hello Frank. Thank you for your kind comment. I'm more fortunate than the birds on these cold nights, so I can't really complain can I? Best wishes.
    Thanks Trev.
    Hi Keith. Thank you.
    Take care all, Angie

  7. About time I visited here Angie.
    Some lovely visitors to the garden. the numbers are gradually increasing here now also.
    Good close shot of the Little Egret and Bar Headed Goose.

  8. Lovely photos of your garden visitors Angie and I loved the Little Egret, I have never seen one.