Saturday, 19 September 2009

Today I stayed at home to do some work, while the Abbot went off merrily to Par :-(

Having done 'some' work I decided it was time to scrub the bird feeders. The birds waited patiently in and around the trees over the fence for about an hour, and I'm sure they appreciated it, as it was a free for all as soon as everything was re-stocked! :-)

I had an hour at Par this afternoon and targeted the Budlia in a place where I know it is still in flower, hoping for Butterflies as the sun was shining. We were not disappointed and even though I've not had much time, my "bird" day list is still an acceptable 39 with my Butterflies being 5!

Red Admiral

Speckled Wood

Painted Lady


  1. Lovely Butterfly Images,your Red Admiral is my favourite,Fab shots Angie.

  2. Great shots Angie, and I agree with John the Red Admiral is supurb.

  3. Lovely shots Angie, we have been away so I am catching up on all the blogs.

  4. Thank you Monty and Sam. Hope you had a good holiday Sam and look forward to reading!