Friday, 4 December 2009

Return of the Blackcap

First sighting of Blackcap in the garden since Spring - Fabulous. Trevor saw a female this morning and I saw a male at lunchtime. This is a female from last Spring. I tried to get a shot of the male at lunchtime, but failed!


  1. Hope they both return regularly so you can get that perfect shot for your album Angie.

  2. Hi Angie,
    Wow there are so nice birds. They were around Reykjavik few weeks ago but I still did not manage to see them. A pity as I've never seen them. They are still around! I hope you will get the male soon... Good luck with that.

  3. Superb bird, I am always glad to see them especially in the garden. Great shot

  4. Beautiful photo of a lovely bird.
    Happy Sunday to you :)

  5. A great shot! Your blog is fantastic an I`m lucky to have find it! Greetings from Luzia.