Wednesday, 24 February 2010

I feel like a cake at the moment! Everyone has a portion of me! I'm snowed under at work; there's a lot to do on the membership (which I enjoy of course), My friend Molly, who I am trying to help and it's no fun being 88 years old, with no family so I can't complain can I?
With the need to de-stress; memories of having time on my hands (a long time ago!) and some inspirational words from a friend who unleashed a passion inside me, I decided to take time out and be spontaneous this evening. Out of practice with Staedtler 120-HB, a rubber and one of my GC Grebe shots for company... ! It has been nearly 20 years since I did anything like this...


  1. Fantastic. What a beautiful picture. You have a talent that should not be hidden under a basket.

    Budgeting your money is okay; but budgeting your time so you have enough for yourself is critical. Just do it.

  2. WOW! Not lost your touch. Cut the cake thinner, lets have some more.

  3. wow out of practice you said...This is a splendid drawing, I'd like to be able to do that!

  4. What a beautiful work of Art.
    Well done Angie.

  5. THANK YOU Mike
    Thank you Bill - Very true. I will :-)
    Thank you Adrian. I intend to do more soon, but take more time!
    Thanks Ash. Maybe I could use one of yours, with permission of course.
    Thanks Chris. Try it; you may surprise yourself.
    Thank you too John. Best wishes.

  6. Superb Angie - we would all love to see some more. Unique among bloggers! Steve

  7. Thank you very much Steve. I was just on your blog as you were on mine! :-)
    I have to get some equipment now. A basic HB pencil, eraser and copy paper is not ideal!

  8. What a gorgeous bird !
    You're a great photographer!

  9. What a great talent Angie. Superb.