Saturday, 26 March 2011

Rare bird at The Copse!

Well, as it’s officially “summer” tomorrow, I thought maybe I should put something on my blog!

I did do a brief head count today, the main highlight being the first sighting of a Greenfinch in the garden for a good while, hence the “rare bird” heading! It was a good looking; healthy male and I hope he stays that way!

I saw 3 Jays this morning, which is only the second record of 3 together around the garden since I started keeping records.

Our 3 Dunnocks were up to their usual antics of courtship rituals and chasing one another around the garden, flapping their wings. It appears that the (Polyandrous) female likes to show the males her lady parts – bizarre to watch!

The Collared Doves were collecting nesting material from the garden, favouring left over twigs from the patch where the mint grows. Maybe they like the fresh minty scent! They were then seen copulating, again. I'm sure they have done enough of that over the last few weeks and usually on top of the bird table roof for some reason!

2 Great Tits were collecting the dog fur, which I threw out for them last week when I groomed Hesper!

Things are hotting up! I love this time of year :0)

A Dunnock from last year...


  1. Spring is here!
    It's time to celebrate!

  2. Look forward to seeing some fantastic images,you always produce fantastic birds.

  3. I could picture it all Angie :) It is so good that things are moving on again, such a beautiful time of the year, my favourite!

    How strange that you see so few Greenfinches in your garden and I see so many in mine. But I haven't seen a Jay for a long, long time and, unfortunately, would never expect to see one in my garden.

    Lovely Dunnock photo.

  4. That is a great photograph of a Dunnock.

  5. Looks like it is moving more at your place than ours.... Beautiful shot of the dunnock from last year, a bird we do not see over here ;-)